A La Harry

Monkey Tree

Dole Plantation, Oahu HI

When I consciously began recording the world through the lens, my photography was influenced in large part by Ansel Adams and the Dutch Masters (particularly Jan Vermeer). Then I started taking classes and found Harry Callahan. I love his landscapes and can only hope to produce such deceptively simple prints. Please don’t mistake me; Adams and Vermeer continue to guide my eye. I’ve just added another teacher. :)

Lone Tree

Crater Lake National Park, Crater Lake OR

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Mongol Horde

Mongol Horde

The Nadaam Festival is an annual fete celebrated by Mongolians in the summer (usually July). Mongolia’s capital city, Ulaanbaatar, holds the biggest spectacle with dance performances, orchestral recitals, ceremonies, and the requisite competitions (e.g. horse racing, wrestling, and archery). I was quite taken by the costumes, especially when men in traditional army uniform swarmed into the open-air complex. They weren’t as colorful as the others or as elaborate, but the hairs on my arms stood to attention nonetheless, because it hit me then: I’m surrounded by descendants of the Mongols whose empire reached to central Europe even before Marco Polo sailed to China. Wow.

Phalanx Running


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A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It

Gun-Galuut Nature Preserve, Tov Province, Mongolia

I’ve only ever watched one sunrise, and I was so busy photographing it, I almost missed the bittersweet ascent. Perhaps after the 10th shot, when I lowered the camera away from my face, I realized that by observing the sunrise through one eye via the viewfinder I not only missed the essence of the entire event I was almost oblivious to the subtle shifts in color of the landscape around me. All I thought about was white balance, AF/MF, and shutter speed. So, I put the camera down and just watched as light painted the land.

I hope you enjoy my take on today’s theme for Photography 101: Moment – that irreproducible blink in time we, in hindsight, wished we savored.

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The Breakers Mansion

The Breakers Ceiling

Houses turned into museums is not a new or unheard of concept. These rarified buildings aren’t usually located within a stone’s throw of each other, however, unless the tourist happened to visit Newport, Rhode Island and drove through Ochre Point Avenue where at least half a dozen mansions are open to the public, including The Breakers. I walked through clench-jawed so my chin didn’t drag on the floor. I couldn’t even imagine living in such…excess. I did, however, imagine cleaning it. Oi.


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Petals on Thorns

Petals on Thorns

I like contrast – a lot – and, thankfully, examples of contradictions are unending. The most fascinating to me are when petals and their opposites are juxtaposed: petals and thorns. Velvet and briery. Soft and sharp. Today’s Photography 101 theme is “a pop of color,” which can definitely be a form of contrast. I wanted to honor the intent, so I was excited when I ran into this scene! Petals, and thorns, and color. Oh my! I wish, though, I had photoshop so the pink petal popped. Ah, well.

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Fuzzy Flowers

Flowering Buds

I usually walk blithely through my day secure in the knowledge that tomorrow is a given. There are times, though, when the fragility of life is, if not openly apparent, at least more noticeable. Spring is a great eye-opener. The seeds which tenaciously rooted to the earth for nourishment begin sprouting towards their greatest achievement: triumphant, vivacious flowers. Happy weekend!!


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