Gas Lamps in Fog

Jenna absolutely refused to believe this was her fate and heaved a sigh of relief as the fog rolled into the city, shrouding its streets and buildings in cold mist. Fog meant cover, and upon hearing the footsteps which had been shadowing her for the past few minutes echo closer and closer, she was extremely glad of it.

Yes, she thought, ducking into a recess built into the side of a building, she’d rather be shivering with cold in her thin sweater than warmed by the sun whose light would lead them to her easily … and quickly.

The footfalls stopped short of her hideaway and soon receded back down the street. Jenna waited another 10 minutes before cautiously peeling away from the building and began to make her way to the quay, carefully skirting the dim glow of the gas lamps which lined the street. If she could make it to the boat, she was safe and that much closer to home.

Any other outcome was swiftly shoved out of her mind. No, having come this far, she was determined to get through the nightmare and return to her boringly sheltered life. Whole. Period.


Inspired by the Daily Prompt: Que Sera Sera

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