While the sun’s first light
still battled with the night sky,
I stood
at the corner of 11th and Johnson
and watched as

a figure across the road
shuffled along the sidewalk,
pushing a grocery cart of trash bags,
two foil balloons 
hanging limply from the handle bar.

Moments later, a tram screeched to a halt
and inside rushed early morning commuters,
bags slung nonchalantly over shoulders
while playing intently with their iDevices.
I charged in behind the horde 
just as the streetcar’s doors juddered
to a close. The trolley powered forward
with a squee of electric motors, and
I sat
on a synthetic-fiber’d seat
and watched as

the waif
drifted towards the park,
one balloon now sunk
almost to the wheels of the cart.


Posted for NaPoWriMo but written in 2013; what do you think? It doesn’t feel quite right yet…