Thanks to Leesha of ProlixMe for asking me to participate! I’m a newbie blogger, so please forgive me if I do this incorrectly. 🙂

Here goes:

1. What am I working on at the moment?
I don’t have a writing project, per se. I try to write every day just to continue honing my voice; I’ve only recently acknowledged out loud that I wanted to be a writer! Having said this, four Free Write Friday prompts ago, a kernel of an idea was planted in my brain. I’m trying to see where Josephine’s story takes me. 🙂

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Hmmm… this is a hard question in that I’m all over the place. I write both prose and poetry, and the subjects range. So, I guess my work differs from others in that it’s erratic? Anyway, I think everyone has a unique voice – just look at what each artist pings back to The Daily Prompts.

3. Why do I write what I do?
My poems are almost always a means of release – a reaction, if you will, to events around me (though not all are autobiographical). There are times, though, when phrases (or scenes) just pop into my head, and I’m compelled to write these down and take them to wherever they lead me (poetry or prose).

4. How does my writing process work?
Some days, I sit down and am able to generate poems/prose work quickly – which makes me nervous (why is this poem coming out easily?!). MOST other days, ach! I stare at the screen blankly. Or stare at my notebook (also blankly) and maybe write a word or two. I can usually get the juices flowing if I start listening to music – lately, I’ve youtube’d cello suites! Still painful, though. On these days, I also try to remember what John Cleese said about creativity: give yourself at least 1.5 hours to really get going (I’m totally paraphrasing here, of course).

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