“Do what you gotta do so you can do what you wanna do.” -Denzel Washington, “Great Debaters”

As one who doesn’t earn a living with the pen (yet), contemplating a jump from the safe existence I currently live into the deep waters of a writing life is especially daunting. Ashamedly, I’ve to admit that the siren-like pull of a steady income has kept me battened to a job I most assuredly do not like. Trudging to work, however, is starting to feel like an odyssey – with Scylla and Charybdis waiting at the end to swallow me whole.

Then how does an aspiring author navigate between dream and reality and survive intact? I have absolutely no bloody clue. Thankfully, the census on this boat of uncertainty is high. Even Odysseus improvised his way through a 20 year trek! So I’ve slowly begun donning a life jacket for the inevitable jump in the only way I know how. One arm at a time. A class here. An edit job there. And writing writing writing. Every word. Every phrase. Every scene. And maybe (hopefully) the hurtle into unknown briny blues will not result in a drowning.

How about you, my fellow aspirers? How are you surviving the prologue?