In preparing for this month’s IWSG post, I serendipitously came upon Michelle Wallace’s Seeking Validation as a Writer. I’ve used “validation” a lot these past couple weeks in conversations with family and friends (when I told them the awesome news that one of my poems will be published this fall!). As a new writer, I think publication and validation are almost synonymous. Almost because there’s a niggle in the back of my mind which filters out “always”. You see, I’d LOVE to get published and will continue to feel ecstatic when acceptance emails/letters find their way to my inbox/letterbox. I’d also love to have my poems strike chords with readers. But, ultimately, even if neither happen, I’d still pick up my pen and scribble. Because writing, as with photography, is how I filter the world. I am an artist (this was hard to say!).

What about you, fellow writers and photographers? What gives your work validation?




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