Lava Beds National Monument Tulelake, CA

I roamed the lava beds
on a sunny afternoon
not so long ago,
carefully picking my way
through pumice stones
of black and gray
and red and purple
and every hue imaged
in Dante’s inferno,
when I glanced at the sky
as a plane glided by,
a speck of white in azure
so different from the ground
on which I stood.
The Earth stopped mid-spin,
and Life paused therein
while I bemoaned my fate,
wandering through a millennium
of flowing rock hardened by time,
but I laughed after a minute
for my car’s windshield glinted in the sun,
catching my eye;
I ran to the sedan and jumped in,
jetting off with a turn of the ignition.



Posted in Response to the Daily Prompt: In Transit
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