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Though a weekend trip by car, I might as well have taken a rocket ship! To the moon or Mars or galaxies beyond the stars.

Devil's Golf Course
Devil’s Golf Course

Where else can I say I was, driving on the floor of a barren sea shimmering in the heat on roads hugging giant mountains, keeping tee time at the Devil’s Golf Course, and skating to the edge of a salt rink?

Salt Flat of Badwater Basin
Salt Flat of Badwater Basin

And when I laid in bed at night, tired, marveling at the quiet brilliance of the Milky Way while Orion adjusted his belt? I was nowhere near Earth, I was sure, and dreamt of mint chocolate chip canyons and spumone coulee, a giant spoon in my fingers held at the ready.

Artists Palette
Artists Palette, Death Valley National Park

Posted for the Writing 201 (Poetry) day 7 prompt: Fingers. Sorry I missed day 6! Excuse? See above poem. 😛

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