Grapes on Vines, Close-Up

Here? Yes, I am here!
A tiny grape hanging
tenaciously on the vines of life
and though perhaps
I’ll resemble a wrinkled raisin
than a juicy fruit at the end,
Inniskillin will be salivating
for the sweetness made sweeter
by troubles and suffering.

Grapes on a Vine

**An ode to the eiswein or ice wine. 🙂 I’m also running out of steam for the A-Z Challenge, and the hardest letters are coming up! So, I have to apologize to everyone for not visiting as many blogs as I should and/or responding late to comments and for writing silly poems which attempt to quilt together seemingly unrelated cultures/languages/topics. 😦 Oh, wait! Q for quilt!


Posted for the A-Z Challenge: Q and NaPoWriMo
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