I couldn’t come up with a topic for this month’s IWSG. April’s Blogging from A-Z Challenge sort of melted my mind. So, I’m going to cheat (and because I think I cheated a few times already in the past, the guilt isn’t so horrendous). Instead of presenting my own, original ideas, I’m going to share another’s (with appropriate attribution, of course!).

I admire Neil Gaiman a lot (a lot LOT), and when I ran across his 2012 commencement speech for Philadelphia’s University of the Arts graduating class, I was even more of a fan. This link will take you to the NPR article about that speech. Click here for the youtube video. In essence, he admonishes us artists to create, whether we’re in the dumps (or perhaps especially when we’re in the dumps) or whether we’re cresting one of life’s numerous hills. Good day? Bad month? Rejection? Acceptance? Just write and “make good art.” Let’s face it, most of us write better when we’re in the throes of deep emotions!

Happy writing! See you next month. 🙂