My silence on WP lasted longer than anticipated. Work was a small factor, but my biggest hurdle was direction. I wasn’t sure where to take this space! Should I only focus on photography? Should I only focus on poetry? Should I only focus on creative writing? Should I analyze trends and emulate? Aaaaah!

Short answer: none of the above.

Choosing between writing and photography is like choosing between ice and cream. For me, they belong together! I’m too lazy (not to mention I don’t know how) to analyze trends and definitely not hip (see! who uses this word anymore?!) enough to follow.

So, I thank you so much for your patience and continued follows. I’m going “back to basics,” as the Barefoot Contessa says, and posting my writing and photographs, singly and in pairs!

Topic(s): Life in all its maddening glory. First 2016 post is 60 seconds away!

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