Just a poet/writerย finding her voice after many many years hiding it. I’m not sure why I hid. I certainly never concealed my love of photography. In fact, it was easy to say “I’m a weekend photographer!” and happily share my photos with everyone. But, writing down my thoughts? Or worse, sharing what I’d written? Yikes, no way.

And yet, crazily, I started this blog. Believe me, it felt like I was filleting myself open for anyone to stare and laugh at. I’m glad I did it, though, because this is my debriefing room. The things I saw, thought, and felt in the million years I didn’t write had been roiling in my brain with no outlet. I wasn’t in a happy place. But, to be truthful, I saw many decidedly unhappy things. Cutting myself off from my egress (writing) was probably not a good idea, though.

So, here I am. Here we are. Thanks for visiting and sharing my journey. I won’t say, “Relax and enjoy,” because the ride’s probably going to be bumpy and uncomfortable for us both (at first!).