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Monarch on Leaf

In the garden’s shade
on a commonplace leaf, a
wondrous butterfly,
whose delicate wings yet sends
it fluttering through the air!

*Good luck to everyone participating in the A-Z April Challenge! See you next year. 🙂


Posted for the Daily Prompt: Contrast
Photo: ©2011 V. del Casal All Rights Reserved
Tanka: ©2016 V. del Casal All Rights Reserved

She Wanders Endlessly

She wanders endlessly,
Ellie does,
fluttering from site to site.
Happily, surely –
for happiness would never elude
one so beautiful and bold.
Who’s to know?
Who can say?
Not I
nor you.
Perhaps not even Ellie.

Response to Daily Prompt: The Happy Wanderer

© 2014 All Rights Reserved

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