When the Door Closes

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Path Through Bleakness

Clear path meanders
through bleakness to storms afield,
whose gray consumes all
but a bantam blue patch, veiled
beyond sight in the corner.


Posted and inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Symbol
©2015 V. del Casal All Rights Reserved

From Between the Slats

Underneath a bench
a succulent grows in shade,
leaves straining upwards,
fanning out between the slats
seeking the warmth of the sun.


Posted for the A-Z Challenge: F and NaPoWriMo.
©2015 V. del Casal All Rights Reserved

B – Besting the Big Bad Wolf


The wind howled last night,
huffing and puffing
against my clapboard house.
The moon rose
to its fevered pitch and
still the wind paced outside.
I lay cuddled in my bed
all the while, secure.
I’d framed my home
with concrete and steel,
you see, the facade of wood
an afterthought.
And though he tried,
he failed,
and my house stood squat
while I lived inside.


Posted for the A-Z Challenge: “B”
©2015 V. del Casal All Rights Reserved

Tired Dancer

Naadam Festival
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Posted in Response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance
©2011 – 2014 All Rights Reserved

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