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Gymnopedie #1 – a Haiku

Loch an Eilein_1

Ivory keys fall
in mournful chords, notes dancing
like rain on pavement.


Posted for the Daily Prompt: Music and inspired by Erik Satie’s Gymnopedie #1
Photo: ©2010 V. del Casal All Rights Reserved
Haiku: ©2016 V. del Casal All Rights Reserved

A Sinfonietta of Five

Is music really
music without tunes?
the plainsong of home
would declare it so:
from Mama’s lilt and Papa’s baritone,
to sibling squabbles and
teehee’s under covers.
A sinfonietta of five
coddled in brick and mortar.


Response to the Daily Prompt: Papa Loves Mambo

© 2014 All Rights Reserved

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