When the Door Closes

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History Corralled

Only tourists now
where once workers teemed like ants.
History corralled.


Inspired by a visit to the Harmony Borax Works in Furnace Creek, Death Valley
©2015 V. del Casal All Rights Reserved

Palm Trees
Sunny skies year-round
showcase palm trees and beaches.
And traffic be damned!
©2015 V. del Casal All Rights Reserved

A Hummingbird Feeding at the Orange Tree

When the sun dips
from its noonday post,
the front garden stirs,
slowly rising from its daily doze.

Soon a hummingbird
joins the buzz of bees
and nuzzles blossoms
from the orange tree.


Posted in Response to the Daily Prompt: Re-Springing Your Step
©2015 V. del Casal All Rights Reserved

Through the sycamore’s leaves
a breeze trills
as the streetlights twinkle
into existence
and the sapphire sky
shimmers with stars.

Posted in Response to the Weekly Photo Prompt: Twinkle
©2014 All Rights Reserved

Flower, Blushed

Don’t wallow in gray
though the sun hides away
for light sneaks by
the mackerel sky
and, though shadowed, a flower
still blushes in the bower.


Posted in Response to the Daily Post: Under the Snow
©2014 All Rights Reserved

Six little dew drops
clinging to a leaf –
dripping, plopping;
everyone to the ground!

Who’ll slip first?
The big one? The middling?
Or baby at the end?
Nobody’s in the know!

Posted in Response to the Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Done!
©2014 All Rights Reserved

Mirror mirror
of a dew,
reflecting branches
all askew,
what meaning dost
thou lend
to the topsy-turvy
images therein?
Not a whit
or a slew
depending on
the view!

Posted in Response to the Daily Prompt: Leftovers Sandwich
©2014 All Rights Reserved

Look behind,
thou shriveled stem,
and gaze upon
the shadow of thy old self,
but fear not
thy careworn petals
for Spring comes anon,
restoring former glory –
a triumph of exquisite splendor.


Posted for #photo101, day 20, theme: Triumph
©2014 All Rights Reserved

At the Edge of the Gate

At the edge of the gate,
the bougainvilleas blossom
just out of fingertip reach,
flaming in the afternoon sun.

But only minutes pass
before the brightest star sinks
and the fiery velvets dim,
just at the edge of the gate.


Posted for #photo101, day 18, theme: Edge
©2014 All Rights Reserved

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