I realized that since joining IWSG all my posts revolved around my insecurities – which, given the premise of the group, is unsurprising (albeit boring; so sorry – really!). I’ve yet to DO anything substantial to further my career as a writer, though. I edit friends’ graduate research papers and am currently taking a technical writing class (which weirdly focuses on editing). However, I’m ashamed to say I’ve not really done anything beyond actual writing. It’s a large part of a writer’s life, sure, but Lisa Jackson’s post yesterday (on Live to Write – Write to Live) knocked me for a loop. She was right; I was procrastinating and using my insecurities to prevent myself from building my writing business. How can I expect to live as a writer if I don’t show my work to publishers??

So, I put on my big girl pants and sent in a query to a magazine (first ever!) BEFORE writing this blog. As an insecure writer, I’ve already written the editor’s rejection letter to me, but you know what, fellow newbies? My ego needs calluses; I might as well start the rubbing now!

See you all next month. I’ll bring the epsom salt for soaking our collective bruised egos. 🙂

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